What is it?

Our system

GAP Whistleblower Line is the means to report possible violations of GAP's Code of Ethics, as well as of any company policy or process. GAP Whistleblower Line is operated by EthicsGlobal, experts in the management of complaints and reports.

At Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico we believe that compliance is as essential as the air we breathe and that is why, if you have questions about what is the right way to act, or if a person is not acting in accordance with GAP's Code of Ethics, you have the responsibility to say so and you have the right to have safe, easy, confidential and, if necessary, anonymous methods to do so.

In accordance with our Code of Ethics, each reported case is investigated in order to apply the corrective measures warranted by the situation.

The Company expects all its employees, suppliers and customers to comply and act in accordance with the guidelines of our Code of Ethics, likewise, we expect that if you have information, observe or have knowledge of any conduct not in accordance with the standards and policies of the company, as well as the laws, rules and regulations of all the places where we operate, to report it immediately, contributing with the Company to maintain our ethical climate at the highest level of observance.

Our Responsibility

  • To assure all our members the freedom to ask questions.
  • Provide tools and channels for receiving questions and complaints in an easy, secure, confidential and anonymous manner without any fear of repercussion or retaliation.
  • Investigate, resolve and, if necessary, sanction all reports received.

Your Responsibility

  • If you witness or have knowledge of inappropriate or unethical conduct, report it so that you do not become complicit in this action.
  • Ask questions based on your own integrity.
  • Use the reporting channels provided by the company.
  • Provide as much information as possible and, if necessary, evidence of the facts for a proper investigation.
  • Follow up on the reports to know the status and corrective measures of the investigation, and if necessary, add more information, evidence or relapses.